We are not on course to maintaining a 1.5°C temperature increase, with potential catastrophic outcomes for billions.  Between now and 2050, over $100 trillion must be invested in decarbonising the global economy in order to maintain this goal and we believe only public capital markets are large enough to deliver this.  

Climate Transition Capital Acquisition 1 is one of the first European SPACs to focus on the climate transition. By accelerating access to public growth capital, CTCA1 believes that climate SPACs could become a vital tool for mobilising the capital towards net zero.


CTCA1 Publishes Interim Financials to 30 June 2022

CTCA1 Announces Change to The Board

CTCA1 Holds Annual General Meeting 30 June 2022

CTCA1 Publishes Annual Report to end of December 2021

CTCA1 Publishes Interim Financials to 30 June 2021

CTCA1 Exercise of Over-Allotment Option and End of the Stabilisation Period, 8 July 2021

CTCA1 Exercise of over allotment option, 8 July 2021

CTCA1 Listing, 30 June 2021

CTCA1 Publication of Prospectus and Start of Offer Period, 23 June 2021

CTCA1 Launch and Intended Private Placement on Euronext Amsterdam, 22 June 2021



CTCA1 AGM 2022 Minutes

CTCA1 BV Interim Financial Report to 30 June 2022

CTCA1 BV 2021 Annual Report & Financial Statements

CTCA1 BV 2021 Annual Report (ESEF – official AFM filing)

AGM – Convocation

AGM – Agenda and Explanatory Notes

AGM – Proxy

AGM – Hybrid Meeting Policy

CTCA1 BV Interim Financial Report to 30 June 2021




Prospectus Summary

Articles of Association (Dutch and English)

Audit Committee Rules

Bilateral Contacts Policy

Board Rules

Code of Conduct 

Diversity Policy

Insider Trading Policy

Related Party Transaction Policy

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Executive directors:

David Buzby

Robin Duggan

Joris Rademakers

Non-executive directors:

Shaun Kingsbury CBE

David Crane

Independent non-executive directors:

Marieke Bax (Chair)

David Tuohy

Lisa McDermott